VCE Tutors and High School Tutors in Melbourne

Hi there! My name is Juku Jack, my role is to ensure that every student in Melbourne has access to the best tutors available. We have VCE tutors and primary school tutors. Here at Juku we provide not only tutors but role models to shape the students of our future.

Juku Session run: Monday-Friday 5:30-7:30pm at our Learning Centre in Alphington, Victoria, 3078.

VCE Tutors

Here at the Juku Learning centre we provide a unique and intimate learning environment, where high school students study diligently and prepare for any upcoming tests or exams.

Our VCE tutors are very knowledgeable and welcoming to ensure your child achieves their full potential. We know how important it is to achieve a fantastic ATAR Score, this is why our VCE tutors will use their expertise and insightful tutoring techniques to improve your child’s ATAR Score.